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Although you will be told time and time again that you do not need a website of your own, actually you will be 99% better off if you do have one. It will open up doors that you can’t imagine right now, but later down the road, everything from blogging, to building a base of leads to sell to, to reselling products will be a whole lot simpler if you get “hosting”.

The most well known host is “Hostgator” where you can pick up a hosted account for just dollars per month. At this point you can choose any level of service you wish, but I’d recommend anything above the most basic level.

There are other well known names as well such as GoDaddy, but in general the best cheap web hosting service I have found is Hostgator because more Internet Marketers use that more than any other host, which may come into play down the road in terms of compatibility issues. Before signing up, think up a unique domain name for your website. It should be fairly broad in scope in case you shift focus. For instance, if you name the site, and then decide to switch to a focus on Gardening, Blogging, or Twitter as your “niche”, then you’ll need a new name! Instead try or something like that. Generic. Should you only choose .com? and not .net, or .me, or .org, etc? Well, most folks remember .com the best, but that is hard to answer. I mostly get .coms myself and add “MY” or “YOUR” to the beginning of the name to make it unique.

I usually use Godaddy, or Namecheap when purchasing a domain name, you should never pay more than 10.00 annually.

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